Riding Mountain National Park

When you think of Manitoba, you think flat canola prairies right? So did we, until we discovered the Manitoba Escarpment.

We were taken back by how unexpectedly large this glacial formation was. The escarpment runs along the western edge of Manitoba, dividing the two elevation levels of the Canadian Prairies. Starting with Wildcat Hill Provincial Park north of Saskatoon, all the way down to Spruce Woods Provincial Park in Southern Manitoba.

Manitoba Escarpment Topo Map

Above: A topographic map of the Manitoba Escarpment.
Above: Google Images of the National Park geography

If you head north along Manitoba’s Highways 5, you will find flat fields of golden flowers on your right, and to your left find a 750m tall escarpment edge.

IMG_7803 copy

20157812_10155689941256929_2013647689679146964_o copy


For a really unique sight, drive MB 19 west toward the Escarpment edge. You will approach a gate that reads “Riding Mountain National Park”, the last standing original National Park Gate in Canada!



We drove MB 19, which is a dirt road switchback up the Escarpment’s edge. At the top there is a little visitors platform with an amazing lookout view of just how flat Manitoba is. There were also binoculars and an informational diagram explaining the geology of the Escapment.

20157144_10155689957691929_2014085486752407876_o copy

20157265_10155690012916929_3544079355951754009_o copy


Please remember, this area is home to many black bears and moose so be prepared and safe.



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