The [secret] Alice Waterfalls.

If you have been following me for a while, you would know that.. I LOVE WATERFALLS! So it pains me to share my favourite secret, the Alice Waterfalls. My favourite falls on Vancouver Island. I haven’t explored all of the falls yet, but so far I have discovered 5 chute style falls tiers. I have been pushing a bit closer to the summit every time I hike up the mountain.

Take a drive behind the Mill in Port Alice, down a gravel road and into the rainforest. On your left hand side, you will catch a glimpse of the lower falls from the laneway. Upon second glance you will notice the 2nd chute just above it.

You can follow the short beaten path to check out the 1st and 2nd falls. Or you can take the challenge and climb the mountain using the ropes provided. Trust me, it is totally worth it!

After roughly 250m climbing straight up the mountain side, you will reach the 3rd falls. This is one of my favourite tiers of the Alice Waterfalls. Me being me, I took off my shoes and indulged in a walk in that fresh mountain water.

We went back a third time to push up the mountain further and stumbled upon a 4th chute style falls at about 380m! All this water flowing from the same mountain water source. The 4th falls is a bit smaller but carved what I assume to be about a 6ft pool in the rock its base. Kiefer and I broke out our ropes and decided to hang over the edge of the 4th falls.

We spotted a 5th falls up the mountain about 410m, but it was getting dark so, next time!

If you can climb to the summit, it provides spectaculars views of Port Alice and surrounding mountains.



The 1st and 2nd falls.




The top of the 1st falls, and the 2nd falls.




Me climbing the mountain using the ropes provided.








The 3rd falls.





Standing at the top of falls #3/at the bottom of falls #4.




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