Meet the team!


The Blogger: Chelsea! An Ontario born girl, with Island(PEI) roots. I grew up with a love of wind in the trees and the smell of fresh cut grass. I am always looking for new and exciting wilderness wonders. I also speak a little German! An avid hiker, I write about my experiences with each new adventure.

The Photographer: Kiefer! Manitoba born, with Canadian west coast roots. An award winning Outdoorsman(he actually has a plaque for this!). Working on Wind Farms, building an environmentally friendly future. His job requires moving around the country lots, and hopefully soon, world wide! Also an aspiring adventure photographer.

The Pooch: Lincoln! A German Spitz/Border Collie mutt from an Ontario Mennonite farm. A city raised pooch with a love for “hikes”, “adventures”, and “car rides”. The best road trip companion, and forest protector. His bark is bigger than his bite, but he’s up for any challenge.

Home Base: Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Canadian Provinces Travelled; Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Together, we have several Instagram accounts:

My personal account – @travellingchelsea

Kiefer’s personal account – @davieskiefer

Our pooch Lincoln’s account – @lincolnabroad




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