If you aren’t familiar with the term “Canada 150”, it refers to the age of Canada. In 1867, we officially became Canada, the country! Nation wide, we are honouring 150 years since Confederation, with four days of celebration. June 21st we get festive for National Aboriginal Day, June 24th we recognize Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, June 27th we unite for Canadian Multiculturalism Day, and July 1st we throw down to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!

Check out Geography Now! for a fun video on Canada.

As our own Canada 150 celebration, we are on a quest to experience 150 Canadian Adventures in 2017! We will be posting lots of updates to this page so stay tuned!


So Far we have:




Visited 9 Canadian Provinces on our road trips across the country, from April to July!

Black = Travelled

Green = Untravelled




Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia






British Columbia


Visited 2 National Parks                      Visited 5 Provincial Parks.

Visited 6 Conservation Areas.




Click here for our countdown to 150 Canadian Adventures!

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