Waking up in New Brunswick.

After what was not as cold of a night as we expected, we woke and had breakfast in Edmundston. Now that we could see more (but not too much more because it was still snowing), we could definitely see that we were in the mountains. I absolutely love the forest covered mountains, gives so much of a wilderness feel.

Our first stop of the day, a cute little town just off the TCH, Grand Falls. Named for obvious reasons, this town is home to New Brunswick’s largest waterfall. Water from the St John river pours over the rocky ledges of the Appalachians, down 23 metres. The falls has a nice little viewing platform so you can check it out in safety, but there are also trails for the more adventurous ones. This falls is super easy to get to and has a huge visitors centre available to tourists as well. Note: most tourist centres are only open between May and October, in the Maritime provinces.

Stop number two was at the Worlds Longest Covered Bridge. A quaint little town called Hartland gets a lot of visitors to this unique landmark. Built in 1898, measuring 390m (1282ft) long, the Hartland Bridge was declared a National Historic Site in 1980. Having only one lane, this bridge has no stop lights to tell you if it is safe to drive across, residents simply take turns generously letting the next person at the other end across. We drove through, then decided to walk it from end to end. Its much longer than you think! Also a little freaky when you can feel the cars driving across the wooden floor of the bridge. This however was an awesome opportunity for some great views of the river.

From Hartland, it was on to Fredericton! Now I have some family here and Kiefer has a friend posted here for his military training, so we intended on getting some human interaction in. After some drinks with Kiefer’s friend, exchanging some good conversations, we made our way to my cousin Dallas’. I have never met Dallas, he is my second cousin technically, but still family! He was super inviting, we had some drinks, watched the basketball game, and they let us sleep in their spare bed! A real bed! Super glad I decided to pop in!


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